Wednesday, August 29, 2007


school started, and I can't stand it.

I thought i would be ready after 3 months of doing nothing, but going back to school turned out to be more painful that i thought it would be.

the 6 hours i have to spend on my school campus seemed to drag endlessly, It took so long that when i got home i was in panic to find something SUPER FUN to do before i have to go back tomorrow.

to add on to that my only homework happened to be 2 presentations that i have to make, even though they're small presentations, thats not how i would start out my school year.

I just hope this year I can do all my work. Even with the endlessly long ever-dragging hours.


Hi, Jake here.

I only have 1 (one) school class thus far, math, and it's algebra I (freshman). Normally that'd be fine, except I'm 16 and that's a year behind; meh. The rest of my classes should start soon enough in college though (2 more years until my AA degree, YEAH!), so if anyone asks about why I'm a in algebra one I can be honest and say I'm lazy.

The people is my class seem nice for the most part, there's some generic runescape player type "i are awesome cause my sense of humor is deranged" guys (to be expected), but nothing too bad. There's one guy that was kissing his girlfriend throughout like the whole thing, and he's really immature. The sad part is his girlfriend is really submissive and doesn't seem to notice she's dating Satan.

Anyways, have a nice week, and I hope school starts good for you!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Prove myself to myself

I'm going to conquer my fear of needles and get a lip peircing!!



Thursday, August 23, 2007

I know who I am

I am Tony, my official name is Anthony Clayton, but I know that I am Tony.
I am a musician, a guitarist, a Pianist.
I write songs, I write poetry, filled with metaphors and symbols, and messages and suggestions and plea's and cries and rejoices.

But there is so much to me swimming around in my soul that I don't know about, And I'm excited to know that someday I'm going to find who I truly am and what i truly want to be and I'm going to truly experience it.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh so many random things on my mind

So many many things on my mind
I wish I could make toys
I wish i could make robots
I wish i had super powers
I wish i could think of more wishes so i could fill up the page
I wish i could just CREATE THINGS, like i had some sort of hand crafting skill or hobby
I wish i wish i wish

but it's so hard to do these things though, It's not like some video game where you drag and drop supplies into a box and magically make something, its HARD, you know how hard it it is just to make and mold plastic? it's crazy, some guy suggested I'd be better off trying to win the lottery!

I won't even start on origami, it just makes me mad :/


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If you use Firefox and don't have StumbleUpon, you're missing out

If you don't have StumbleUpon, you're missing out. All you need to do it download it, make an account really easily, choose your preferences, and hit the Stumble! button.

Almost every page I and Tony visit is noteworthy, and it's a shame I can't post all of them here.

It's a great thing to have if you're bored, I'm overwhelmed by the fact that almost every time I hit the Stumble! button I'm entertained in another way.
Anyways, enough of my rant, get it!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention, there's an awesome site where you can find music in a very unique and cool way; meet Musicovery

Friday, August 17, 2007

You don't have to be a loser to watch anime

I just watched the movie "Spirited Away", and It's an amazing movie, the director/animator is amazing and he also made the movie "Howl's Moving Castle" which was amazing as well.

My girlfriend laughed at me because i said they were awesome movies because they're anime movies, I know she was half joking, but it still makes me think about it.

A lot of people who watch Anime watch loads of it and are people who dress really strange and generally are labeled losers,

but you can't just really stereotype that for everyone, because I love some anime movies, even a few shows, that doesn't mean I'm automatically addicted and sit in my house all day with no friends watching anime and reading anime comics. I don't flood my myspace with tons of stupid pictures from random Anime series' and have lots of anime video clippings all over my page either. I simply see them as cartoons, and as with any movie or show or comic book or anything, If it's a good story, among other characteristics that make it good, then It's worth watching.

I don't dress in hot topic trip pants and wear endless amounts of unattractive cliche accessories and act strange, but I still enjoy some anime. I dress pretty normal, (at least to some standards) and I have friends and a generally semi-normal life.

anyway, check out the movie Spirited Away some time, you might like it. It's very creative.



Eight o'clock coffee really is good, I tried it (at 8 in the morning)
that would be silly if i tried it any other time, especially 7,
that's just an insult.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jake's been GONE

But you may not have noticed.

I went on a trip for 3 days down to Oregon to help take apart a building, and I missed social interaction horribly.

Day 1: We prepare to join my dad at the building, leaving late in the afternoon in our stocked up van (I bring Tony's MP3 player and headphones, which was a wise decision in hindsight).

We arrive after a long trip and meet up with dad, leaving the site to eat at the Lucky Dragon (Generic name, great food. Afterwards we get a hotel room, check the TV, realize nothing is on no matter how many channels one has, and go to sleep.

Day 2: I wake up really early (I almost always do in at any place other than my house, no matter when I go to sleep really), take a nice shower (complementary soap and shampoo rocks), watch TV some, and eventually we head out. I work a little on the building until the battery on our home style cordless drill ran out.

The majority of this day was spent in the van with my parents as they searched and bought the proper tools for taking stuff off of the building (Drills, sockets, a generator), I fell asleep :P.

Eventually we had our tools and headed back for a little work before the sun went down (I fall off a ladder and injure myself non-fatally {as you can see}; the accident being my own fault).

That night me and Nathan (brother) slept on the back (bed) of my dad's large farm style truck under the stars, at this point I feel extremely soul drained because of my lack of social contact, trains rush by on one side somewhat near us and boats passed on the other (We were near a river that lead to the ocean).

Day 3: (Dawn of the final day)

I wake up to a feeling of bring cold....absolutely nothing happens, I'm just pointing out that at some points in time,wind has been cold, that was one of those times.

Eventually everyone wakes up (I loved the sunlight after the cold, I'm more tanned than I was pre-trip), and we spend a day working on the building (more than usual), of note is that I was the one to take the screws out of the highest panels of the building, although I don't pretend to think that I did so without a little hesitancy.

Near the end of this ordeal I got to show off my monkey-boy prowess and gather some info on some coolers attached to the ceiling, nothing really important happened, I just like feeling that I have some agility :)

We packed up, headed home, and for a length of time I drove (last stretch).

I took a shower, shaved, put on deodorant (Cause I'm a gentleman), and not long after typed this up.

Thanks for taking an interest in my life.

P.S. Someone talk to me, I'm still socially starving because the one person I talked to on MSN hasn't responded yet.


How the days Fly

At the end of this month school will be starting, Dang..

you know what? that just sucks for me, in my opinion.
A lot of people are like "oh I'm happy for school to start" and I understand, friends, and things like that, but I don't mind only getting to hang out with a couple of people, It's fine by me!

I had a good summer, I mean theres still more summer left but I'm sure it's gonna be good too.

On another subject, I realize that people with blue tooth headsets look like crazy retards talking to the air, but some how I still want a cool little cyborg ear piece.

I think that's a great way to hide it if you talk to yourself a lot, you're like "oh no dude, it's a blue tooth headset!" just make sure they don't ask where it is because they don't see it in your ear.

I saw a few blue-toothers at walmart.

On youtube they have these videos about the coffee brand "eight o'clock coffee" and it's joking where this guy tries to make and drink the coffee at 8:00 in the same minute, or he can't drink it, and it's really funny, (I'll post the link next time i look for it, it's 2 videos).

And Walmart FINALLY had that coffee, I've been looking forever, and I got some, I finally get the try the coffee that kills you if you don't make and drink it at 8:00


Thoughts of you are the thoughts that stay

I hope I'm
everything you wanted and everything you're hoping to find
I'm anything you want me to be, yes me

and all these words
I write and try to find the best ones to describe
but no,
love is more than words can show

theres all these feelings they wont change till death
and you are one who stays inside my head

I may not
be the most ingenious, awesome and perfected guy
but baby how you know i try, I try

we've made some
errors and corrections, argument collections but hey
we'll give those memories away

No one could ever take my heart from you
and I don't mind what problems we'll go through

theres all these feelings they wont change till death
and you are one who stays inside my head


Monday, August 13, 2007

New song

I just finished making a song (that I dedicated to April).

It's 7 minutes long!

the beginning is kind of repeating, but its around the end that it gets cool sounding, I don't know how MASTERFUL the song is really, but it was just a project i had been working on that i finally finished

It's called AMB, which are my girlfriends initials.

Aluminum faith is my little electronica project "band" if you will

you can go to the myspace if you want to hear more songs that I've made
click here:

Aluminum Faith


Sunday, August 12, 2007

So today I hung out with Jake

Just like Jake said, We hung out, played video games, drank mystery concentrate juice, and ate leftover Alfredo stuff, it was lovely

And I had fun Just like Jake did :P

for the past 3 or 4 days I've been worried something bad was going to happen dealing with my relationship, even though theres no shown problems yet, I just feel small hints, but sometimes it's just paranoia that i can't control, anxiety that appears without warning, I won't go though the hints that caused me to worry, there's no need, because the point is that I know how hard it is for me to unwind, but I had fun today, and now that he's gone I'm starting to wind up again but I'm working on that

I trust that god will take care of everything, Or I try to, but I'm really into my relationship, and it's hard to just go "ah, thats fine, god will take care of it, so I wont worry".

I know thats what I should do, but it's a hard thing to change, (but of course I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me)

and I'm working on it.

I'm sure my worries won't turn out to be anything but a thought anyhow.

Sorry if whoever reading this isn't a God believer, I guess it might just seem annoying, but thats alright.


So today I hung out with Tony

After church I went over to his house and we ate chicken alfredo and drank some type of fruit juice, very tasty.

It was fun, we played computer most of the day, but unlike normally when we do that, it wasn't so boring, mmmmmm, starcraft and Tropico.

He's a cool guy, you should talk to him more, today was fun.


Saturday, August 11, 2007


Things have to change.
and they wont change without faith
build me strong within my heart
This time I won't break
and the strength I have won't fall apart

I'm tired of the Loss and the great cost
that comes with failing once more,
and another hurt will come,
for the things I've always done

It's time to change
I'll take my place
A change a pace
This shoe will lace

No longer will I Trip and fall in the dirt.


Today I went shopping

I hung out with April (my girlfriend) all day and I accompanied her shopping then decided i wanted to shop too so i stayed at the mall when she left and my dad came and bought me two pairs of pants, which is generous of him, since he doesn't like giving me things, and now he probably won't give me my allowance or anything for awhile :P, And I'll be sure not to ask, hah.

I bought tight skinny pants and flare pants, two different styles, I like switching styles, it's fun

now i just need a shirt and a new belt!

It's unfortunate that the clothes I like are so expensive :/

I mean I need a new backpack (aka messenger bag) and 2 more shirts so i can be set for the dreaded school year, And it seems like everything I like is expensive, trust me I've tried to find cheap stuff, it never works out.

speaking of looks, I'm developing terrible Acne all of a sudden, I thought it was almost all gone for awhile then BAM! it comes back to haunt me.

also the bus driver today told me that I need to pull up my pants next time I ride "his" bus, but my pants were pulled up, more than normal too!

oh well.

(I just wish i had a car to get around, instead of some stupid public transportation that doesn't have good running hours)

Truthfully This is just kind of an average day report, but I had something more meaningful to write about, I just don't remember what it is.

PS: It's really chaotic in my head when I make stuff in the oven and the instructions say "place on middle rack" when i only have 2 racks


Found an awesome little game called "TUMIKI Fighters"

I was searching the internet today for free games to play (Wikipedia has a nice list), when I came across this free little game.

It's really basic in concept, everything is in blocky form, you control a little ship that constantly shoots, and you have to get through the level and beat the boss. That's all standard fair, but what's really interesting is when you destroy an enemy it'll fall off the screen UNLESS you catch it (Yes, catch it). it will then stick to your ship and continue to shoot as it normally would but in the angle you caught it.
The caught parts are also counted as armor and help to keep your base ship alive.

This gaming mechanic is really fun, and admittedly building a huge armored juggernaut is very entertaining, you can download the tiny game from the maker's site.

P.S. The controls are in English in the 'readme_e.txt' file.

it's 1 in the morning.

I found an awesome song by Lily Allen, I found it on somebody's blog

it's called everybody's changing

the one thing that bugs me about this blog stuff, it's nice, this page is pretty, and organized, easy to post, awesome. But you can't make friends, you can't talk to other people unless you leave comments on their stuff, and how do you even know if they saw the comment? I guess it's not too much of a sharing place, like myspace is, but I'm tired of myspace. I'm tired of refreshing the page all day seeing who's online, sure it's great to know, but I end up making it a habit and I get mad because I can see when people don't respond to me.

It's awesome that I have my own chunk of internet to call my own, I think there's a lot of features on blogger that I just don't know about yet


Friday, August 10, 2007

chatter box

I was on the phone with my girlfriend earlier and I realize that after 2 days of not talking to anyone much and not doing anything but sitting around my house, I really had nothing to say and i couldn't think of anything, not even random stuff.

But then after getting off the phone with her, I called her about 45 minutes later and some how had lots of things to say, I don't really know how to explain that, but I guess I like how I can randomly pickup something to say and get in the talking feel again, It's a miracle at times.

speaking of April, I wrote this song for her yesterday

it's called 'The Anonymous Love Song' but we all know it's for April

from the start of conversation
I'm pretty sure i knew
by the way you said my name

and the things you've done to help me
I'm pretty sure I see

and all the hits I've taken
you prove I am mistaken
you've showed me that theres love
I'm finally a witness
of "dreams come true"

from the start of our relation
the hand you held to me
and now I finally see

with the things you've done to help me
I'm pretty sure it's love

and all the hits I've taken
you prove I am mistaken
you've showed me that theres love
I'm finally a witness
of "dreams come true"

First post


This blog is run by me, Tony

and my friend Jake

mostly I just post poetry, Jake posts whatever, don't ask me :P
(I also post whatever. -Jake-)