Friday, June 27, 2008

Effort into a blog post?

And everything he sees is just blue - like him, inside and outside.

So anyways, I'm typing stuff here because I feel that I owe you an actual blog post, and it's not like I need to put a ton of effort into what I should talk about. You aren't that picky, are you?

I'm a bit tired of going through my internet routine. I check some comics to see if anything entertaining has come up, check, check my email probably, be bored, and play some Hitman 2.

As I told Tony earlier, I beat Hitman 2, and I realized I don't want to spend my entire summer playing video games. WHY DON'T YOU LIVE CLOSER, TONY?! (Also, be sure to congratulate him on getting his license today). Anyways...I suppose I'd hate to admit it, but I draw some odd sense of satisfaction from actually accomplishing work (don't tell anyone). I'll be doing Math over the summer, so maybe I'll learn to code or something.

I know. Awesome.

Things I'd like to accomplish this summer:
- Maintain/finish my tan.
- Exercise at least some.
- Go SWIMMING, geez. (I really want to go swimming, but I haven't befriended someone with a pool yet. I'll have to do that later.)
- Finish my obnoxious Math; I've managed to somehow convince the world at large I'm fit for college, and thus caught up on everything EXCEPT math. It's nice, but I'd like to deliver the finishing blow to my procrastination.
- I'll probably end up getting a job. I know this doesn't really sound like I *want* a job, and it's true that I'm more or less indifferent on this point, but I suppose I wouldn't mind having some actual money.

Wow. I made an actual blog post! I feel as though I've done some good here... or at least something that will be unimportant in the light of the world's impending doom.

Yellow Drum Machine

Watch it past just the beginning, it gets awesome fast.

Thank Tony :P

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's On Your Mind?

Post your thoughts here so I can make witty remarks.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Actual Simi-serious Post

Love the last scene too :D

I should start using this blog as a journal later.