Tuesday, February 17, 2009


That's what I've developed. Basically it works like this...someone who used to be friendly doesn't greet you when you pass by them, and instead looks to the ground and away. Now, it doesn't matter in the least bit, but the fact that I've made a word to describe it means it applies to me. Circular logic? Yes. What are you going to do about it, eh?

Anyways. I'm going to take a three hour long midterm this afternoon. I won't have much time for breaks, and it's going to be pretty tiring I bet. Maybe I should buy some coffee? I'm a little tired already, so I don't know how I'll hold up in the end. Hopefully I get some good grades...it's in Social Problems, and covers a lot of material, so I don't know how realistic an expectation that is.

Tired OUTSIDE of class? What is this? Shameless.

So I pretty much wasted my weekend playing video games (Overlord, specifically). It's pretty disappointing. I wouldn't need to be so wound up about my midterm if it was done yesterday (which was a holiday). Nah, I have to put things off until the last possible minute. I think more of my life is spent in apprehension about upcoming obligations and events than the time it would take me to complete said obligations and events. Actually, I know the previous point is true, which is moderately sobering.

Hey Jennie, I read your blog, it's entertaining.

So anyways, back to overanalyzationism. I don't like this friend anymore, but I used to. Crushes are fickle like that, and ultimately are undesirable to one such as me. Immediately after we continued not talking to each other, I ran into Kelcee, who actually is friendly. I talked to her for a couple minutes. We discussion school, life, the meaning of happiness, whether the moon being made of cheese was an illusion meant to inspire the imaginations of children or to spark pure emotions amung the corporation based figures of society that thrive off of greed and Nowism.

No wait, we just talked about school. I should start putting "ism" at the end of random words...that would be fun. I want a nap, but such is not a luxury right now. I'll have to maintain consciousness long enough to complete my daily scheduled tasks. It seems that those seem to be one of the few goals I'm successfully meeting (most of the time).

You know, being the single guy that I am, I made a chart of possibilities of girls I should/shouldn't like, producing pros and cons for each. The results? Well I'm not telling you. Chances are if you aren't Tony (or most other guys) you were on the list =P

I can tell you, however, that a recurring theme seems to be the awesomeness is always out of reach in life. Be it awesome behavior, or awesome companions (not counting Tony, who is irrefutably awesome). I wonder if the CBC faculty mind if I create blog posts this long on their own equipment. I can't say I'm furthering my education in the slightest bit. Well, perhaps delving into my introspection, but that is more of a career trait than an academic pursuit. Let us see how complex we can make a form of communication via text.

I've noticed I do that, I default to larger words when I'm tired or otherwise distracted. Sub-conscious level intelligence sprouting when I allow the autonomous portions of my brain freer roam? Perhaps. That or a base insecurity that leads me to constantly try to reaffirm my intelligence to those around me and myself.

I think I hid the post about Tony's camera by now. You can scroll down and give him some comment luvin' or something.

Your power supply should get here today, I'll bundle your hardware and bring it to CBC tomorrow if it does arrive.

You know, we should chat.

So Jennie.

Get back in your cage!

score;cast "sanctuary" self;shout LFG, level 12 cleric for MIDTERMS instance!;cast "summon" Bill Nye The Science Guy;/emote cries.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy V-day!

I got my camera :3 best V-day present to myself EVER.

the camera is amazing, its tiny and good quality, plus the USB plugin is attached to the camera so you dont need a cord, and the program to edit it and view your videos is installed when you plug the camera in ,it's built in, so convient.

this video is not in HD because i cant figure out how to get HD videos on Youtube, some greater power is involved here.

anyway, happy V-day

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Withdraw", a short indie film

I've watched David Lehre's films from the beginning, and he's produced seemingly amazing short films and displayed acting skills i only see from the big screens. This movie wasn't produced by him, but by someone else where he stars as the actor, it's just a short movie but it was pretty good, thank you, youtube.

also, since i just bought a video camera, i figured i'd start fresh and get a new youtube account since my old one was ancient.


lets be friends! videos will be up soon :]

also me and my friend Sara are planning on making a music video for one of my songs, look out for news on that :3

that's all.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I bought an HD camera

i will get it in 5 days :3

that's all.