Monday, December 31, 2007

it's 2 in the morning right now

it's 2 in the morning right now
I guess that I'm still wide awake
and I know that you're sleeping away
but i want you to know
that I love you and so
please remember, This December, as though
you had lived it with me
in a blanket, you see.
and although it's not true, I am dreaming of you


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Essence of a Wish

So you've fixed yourself up for another long year
with your resolutions you've got nothing to fear
but somehow you know that none of it's true,
your check list is full but you've nothing to do.

My hair is too long and my face isn't straight
and my eyes are sad from the nights up too late
my clothes are worn out and my worry of this
has calmed down because I know that It can't be fixed

I'm nothing to see but I'm perfectly fine
and a year won't change problems, it simply takes time
and somehow you know that none of it's true,
your check list is full but you've nothing to do
your check list is full but a year just won't do


who you gonna call?

Ghost busters, dude.



i've officially made a blog full of virtually nothing important to read, thanks to me with the help of jake, and all you wonderful commenters, which is like 2 people, you're amazing

I'd like to thank my mother, for making the internet a reality to me on accident.

POST it.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

A new year, another Christmas

Another Christmas, how interesting. I'm sure I'll get some gifts, just like i did last Christmas. It's not very interesting, I know what's going to happen, I know that I'm going to spend my Christmas day with my grandparents, my cousins won't even be there, so I've got to sit around with some old people who don't relate to me at all. Don't get me wrong, I love them and they're nice and I'm nice back, I just don't enjoy being around them.
Sometimes I wish I could spend it with someone amazing, not my family. I know my family is important, but I'd rather be in love on Christmas. I think that would make for a way better Christmas, and maybe a new years too.


Saturday, December 15, 2007


Call it like, Call it love, Call it waste
call it whatever you want
I am racing to finish this race
I think that this prize is worth winning

see that face, oh that face,
I can't wait to tell you how beautiful you are
and it's not a surprise, that distance could pull us so far

Someday I promise you this won't be just a dream
we will hold hands as we live the city lights
It's not everyday you meet a girl so sweet to me,
and I'd love to to take you out this very night

you, though far away, are lovely
and I, with miles apart, am waiting


Monday, December 3, 2007


dude it's SO fun to watch bob ross in 6th hour at school

Bob Ross - Deep Forest Lake

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