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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You've got to

love like semtex. Bring it me. Bring it to me.

Short update before I head off to do my math, on the Jacob side of things I talked with Kelcee at CBC today, which was fun. Hadn't talked to her for awhile, but then added her on Facebook, so it's good to see someone from 1st quarter again.

Aforementioned maths generally kicking my butt, and I've got to really apply myself if I'm going to pass precalculus this quarter. Fun times.
I'm probably going to be poor in about a week because I'm in all likelihood buying another retail game, which I don't really have the income to do constantly.

After this quarter I can get a more profitable job hopefully, not that I have any problem with the law office, they are cool folks.
Uhhh, I've got a couple things I need to get around to I suppose.
  1. Taking more pictures
  2. Picking a suitable newer picture of myself
  3. Reinstalling photoshop
  4. Uploading another YouTube video

That's actually all I can think of at the moment, not a lot of blue text stuff going on lately, so it'll be brief.
New purchases:
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla (beat)
  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (about midway I think)
  • Saints Row 2 (haven't touched it, too busy)
  • World of Goo (Got from the develeper's site for a $5.00 donation, sweet eh?)
I probably own 75+ games by now (whether via steam or disc). I'm getting there. For the people that actually game with me, I'm probably going to buy Borderlands in about a week, which I mentioned up there. Has a current metacritic score of 88/100 for PC, which puts it at 3rd highest rated game for the year thus far. I'm sure that average will be dragged down, but it still looks like a solid game. I need to get 3 people to play with me, haha.

Be cool =)


Friday, October 2, 2009

Heya guys, been awhile

Oh right, my life. So I worked a lot this week, so come next paycheck I'm going to be friggin' rich. Of course that will proceed a math test which I'm fearful about, but meh, it can't all be good I suppose. Coding class is the opposite of math though, in that it is amazingly fun. I'm glad I picked Computer Science as a field, as I'm pretty sure it was specifically designed for me.

Wonder what I'm going to do with my money. Probably save some and spend it on stuff for the blue text.

Recently ran into Riley at CBC, and we talked a bit about God and the conflicts and stuff I've been going through trying to get that all sorted out. I'm not really going to church now, so it's not like my Christian roots are terribly supported. I'm a little bit worried that I don't want them to be...but that's another rant entirely.

I should upload a picture or something seeing how I haven't had a blog post in forever.


Video description: A tour of Tony's apartment. We recorded this quite awhile ago, but I never got around to editing it. I assure you that we're still as awesome as we were then.

So there's some games I'm looking forward to which I will list here:
Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic
Diablo 3
Mass Effect 2
Global Agenda

and I might get Sims 3 down the road

I've been playing a lot of TF2, a little Diablo 2, lots of EVE Online, recently beat Jedi Knight II: Outcast, and Batman: Arkham Asylum was pretty friggin' amazing. I'm not much of one for replaying games, but I might have to play that some more.

City of Heroes is going to have a reactivation weekend next week, and I'll be handing out referral codes for friends that want to check it out. You could get a trial without a referral code, but if you do it this way and decide to subscribe to the game I get a free month soooo, be cool.

Speaking of referral codes, I've got my new month's batch for EVE Online as well, so if you're hardcore enough to want to check that out (And the referral codes give more time than the normal trials for EVE), hit me up for that as well.

I think that's it for now. I'll try to keep better updates.


This Blog is about as empty as the Death Star after it blew up

But I suppose since i have nothing to Post ever really and I only have about 2 readers, there's not much to say about that.

I myself am having a moderately okay time in my current life. I got cigs, work and friends who have no life either. So life moves really slowly.

Someday I'll make something cool out of a blog where normal people talk about normal things. I'll spice it up.

as for now, we are but a microscopic fragment of the internet.


well here's a link


that guy has cool shoes


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am..

One Man Wrecking Machine, originally uploaded by Turtle[works].

A one man wrecking machine

Thursday, July 2, 2009

High Mileage

High Mileage, originally uploaded by Turtle[works].

and still the most comfortable shoes ever


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new song if anyone who looks at this hasnt heard it already


I'm Roughly 6 Feet Tall

As of this note, I am working on 2 new songs, I have a female vocalist that i have a dysfunctional relationship with, and I miss my best friend, because he spends 99% of his time at school or doing something i have no idea what.

but Nevershoutnever!, an artist who said it all, in a song that i agree with,
makes perfect sense of how I think, and I will explain:
I met a man of 2 feet tall
This man was quite ambitious
In a world that is so vicious
To us all, I said "hi"
As he replied, he said
Listen to these words that I have lived by my whole life.

Your only as tall
As your heart will let you be
And your only as small
As the world will make you seem
And when the going gets rough
And you feel like you may fall
Just look on the bright side
Your roughly six feet tall

I met a man of 12 feet tall
He towered like a giant
In a world that was defiant of his height
I said "hi" as he replied, he said
Listen to these words that I have dreaded my whole life.

Your only as tall
As your heart will let you be
And your only as small
As the world will make you seem
And when the going gets rough
And you feel like you may fall
Just look on the bright side
Your roughly six feet tall

I am a man of six feet tall
Just looking for some answers
In a world that answers none
Of them at all
I'll say "hi"
But not replied to the letters you write
Because i found some piece of mind

Cause I'm only as tall
As my heart will let me be
And I'm only as small
As the world will make me seem
When the going gets rough
And it feels like I may fall
I'll look on the brightside
I'm roughly six feet tall
i believe in optimism regardless, not that i have any real problems right now anyway, but even when the going gets rough, as long as you have something to look forward to, everything is okay

I'm glad for a lot of things. I'm glad that i finally got my high school diploma as of 2 days ago

and i never have to go back, and i can go forward, but it's optional.

Living on my own is fun but it's a challenge. My father isn't around to do my dishes, or help me out when my real colors show and i panic out for stupid reasons, and no one but me and mitch are around to pay my rent, and hopefully it always makes the bill, which it has so far.

But I'm glad that i can come home from a shitty day and watch Dragon Ball Z with my roommate and eat Spongebob fruit snacks and have nerf gun wars. As retarded as it all may be, it couldn't be better.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Band of the Day and Body Moving

Welcome to YouTube.

Also your band for the day is "God Is An Astronaut", with First Day of Sun, and New Years End. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Takeover UK - Running With The Wasters

Today's random song that is approved by meeeeeeeeeeeeee:

Interested? Here's more of "The Takeover UK"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nerf Wars

the Vulcan. Electronic Rapid fire with a bullet chain of 25 and an optional tri-pod turret.

its on, Roommate.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jake will understand

why this is awesome

If that was awesome,

perhaps the Final count down will also please you.

(it's really all in the kazoo)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Delightfully inappropriate

but you will laugh regardless

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's my birthday soon

This is Tony,

My B-day is april 29th

and i want a motorcycle

a yellow one

its only 600$ :D

i dont know how to ride a motorcycle, i only have once, and it was just a dirt bike, JAKES dirt bike

maybe JAKE still has it so i can learn for reals so when i go out and buy a pretty yellow 1970s bike i can use it :P

That's all i guess.

i work 7 days a week, i just moved into an apartment and its awesome, i should show you some pictures huh?

There's a Radio shack that's hiring that is in walking distance from my apartment, i TOTALLY want to apply but im afraid i wont get enough money there to manage an apartment

i'm using really bad wireless internet that's a public internet from my apartment, but it cuts out a lot so i dont use it too much. I also have to use my room mate's laptop to get internet since my computer doesnt get wireless signals.

but i should have real internet soon,

or you can text me at five zero nine-nine four seven-four two eight zero

or msn me at subspacer88ATyahooDUTcom

i have msn on my phone

or facebook or myspace, whateva

Edit by Jake: Changed phone number and email from standard format to prevent webcrawler detection.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So I'm on a computer. I'm at CBC. I'm bored, not hungry, and don't want to drive somewhere to buy something to eat and lose my spot in the process. So shall my Mondays and Wednesdays go. I'll have work later today, but really I'm just waiting for my next class now.

I think I should go for straight-legged 32 34 pants from now on. 30 34 would be the best, but those would have to be custom made and thus expensive.

I need to make a calendar I'll keep updated and actually use for keeping track of my homework. I'll probably install Rainlendar again for such a purpose.

I'm inching my way toward being able to fly an Abaddon, boy that'll be awesome. Too bad it costs 100m+ to buy. Sucks to be me. I'm probably going to train toward my logistics ship ("Guardian") after that.

I started playing Everquest (the original one) with some friends. Good times there.
I still play Left 4 Dead a ton. New content should be coming out for that soon, which I look forward to.

The classes I am taking this quarter include Geology, Speech Essentials, and Math 97.
Good instructors across the board, so if I do poorly this quarter it would be my own fault.

I've decided I want to purchase a motorcycle rather than a car. A car protects one from the weather and is safer, neither of which are aspects I care for. A motorcycle gets much better MPG and is a ton more interesting to ride. Also, parking at CBC is CAKE with a motorcycle because the spots for them are always free.

Uhhh, yeah. I need a girlfriend to develop my offline life. I have come to this conclusion after years of dedicated meditation and pwning lots of n00bs. Yep.

Money is pointless - of this I am sure. I get money by working, which has a fun factor of 2%. I get money, which has a fun factor of 5%. I can spend the money on food, games, movies, etc, which have a fun factor of 70% with the expected free time I can get out of them.

Thus: The fun factor of a worker = 2% from my work + 5% from money + 70% from entertainment derived from money with reduced free time. 77% fun.

Now without work I'd have 100% use of pure fun doing whatever I want, or 100% fun.

Being part of the American Dream costs me 30% of my possible fun. How lame is that?
Work doesn't make my life feel fulfilled, it just makes me more tired and too lazy to run around my house 4 times spontaneously. I'm still waiting for a good argument as to why being a functional member of society is actually beneficial to me in the long run :/

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My good Pal education

My Father offered me a brand new macbook if i passed the one class left i needed to get a high school degree officially.

He wonders why im not excited,

probably because he doesn't know that im going to fail the class :/

no amount of money will make me good at school,

if i was offered a Porsche i wouldn't care because i dont believe anyone would give a $60k car away just for passing a class.

but so goes life. I go to college, i just need one more class and ill be done with school.

I had 2 classes ,one was a college english class which im passing just fine, the other was an internet class that was for high school, all i need is one class and i get my diploma and i just couldnt do it, the class is so boring uhg its just read read test read read test, but im not going to take college classes next quarter, so ill just retake it and pass it,

and also, im TOTALLY MOVING OUT. So im stoked about that.

hopefully soon, but we're still looking, me and ma friend mitch are looking at 2 bedrooms, im excited to go live out my life; top ramen and thin apartment walls!

I also forgot to mention my girlfriend broke up with me

"oh that explains why you're still up at 4 in the morning"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


That's what I've developed. Basically it works like this...someone who used to be friendly doesn't greet you when you pass by them, and instead looks to the ground and away. Now, it doesn't matter in the least bit, but the fact that I've made a word to describe it means it applies to me. Circular logic? Yes. What are you going to do about it, eh?

Anyways. I'm going to take a three hour long midterm this afternoon. I won't have much time for breaks, and it's going to be pretty tiring I bet. Maybe I should buy some coffee? I'm a little tired already, so I don't know how I'll hold up in the end. Hopefully I get some good's in Social Problems, and covers a lot of material, so I don't know how realistic an expectation that is.

Tired OUTSIDE of class? What is this? Shameless.

So I pretty much wasted my weekend playing video games (Overlord, specifically). It's pretty disappointing. I wouldn't need to be so wound up about my midterm if it was done yesterday (which was a holiday). Nah, I have to put things off until the last possible minute. I think more of my life is spent in apprehension about upcoming obligations and events than the time it would take me to complete said obligations and events. Actually, I know the previous point is true, which is moderately sobering.

Hey Jennie, I read your blog, it's entertaining.

So anyways, back to overanalyzationism. I don't like this friend anymore, but I used to. Crushes are fickle like that, and ultimately are undesirable to one such as me. Immediately after we continued not talking to each other, I ran into Kelcee, who actually is friendly. I talked to her for a couple minutes. We discussion school, life, the meaning of happiness, whether the moon being made of cheese was an illusion meant to inspire the imaginations of children or to spark pure emotions amung the corporation based figures of society that thrive off of greed and Nowism.

No wait, we just talked about school. I should start putting "ism" at the end of random words...that would be fun. I want a nap, but such is not a luxury right now. I'll have to maintain consciousness long enough to complete my daily scheduled tasks. It seems that those seem to be one of the few goals I'm successfully meeting (most of the time).

You know, being the single guy that I am, I made a chart of possibilities of girls I should/shouldn't like, producing pros and cons for each. The results? Well I'm not telling you. Chances are if you aren't Tony (or most other guys) you were on the list =P

I can tell you, however, that a recurring theme seems to be the awesomeness is always out of reach in life. Be it awesome behavior, or awesome companions (not counting Tony, who is irrefutably awesome). I wonder if the CBC faculty mind if I create blog posts this long on their own equipment. I can't say I'm furthering my education in the slightest bit. Well, perhaps delving into my introspection, but that is more of a career trait than an academic pursuit. Let us see how complex we can make a form of communication via text.

I've noticed I do that, I default to larger words when I'm tired or otherwise distracted. Sub-conscious level intelligence sprouting when I allow the autonomous portions of my brain freer roam? Perhaps. That or a base insecurity that leads me to constantly try to reaffirm my intelligence to those around me and myself.

I think I hid the post about Tony's camera by now. You can scroll down and give him some comment luvin' or something.

Your power supply should get here today, I'll bundle your hardware and bring it to CBC tomorrow if it does arrive.

You know, we should chat.

So Jennie.

Get back in your cage!

score;cast "sanctuary" self;shout LFG, level 12 cleric for MIDTERMS instance!;cast "summon" Bill Nye The Science Guy;/emote cries.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy V-day!

I got my camera :3 best V-day present to myself EVER.

the camera is amazing, its tiny and good quality, plus the USB plugin is attached to the camera so you dont need a cord, and the program to edit it and view your videos is installed when you plug the camera in ,it's built in, so convient.

this video is not in HD because i cant figure out how to get HD videos on Youtube, some greater power is involved here.

anyway, happy V-day

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Withdraw", a short indie film

I've watched David Lehre's films from the beginning, and he's produced seemingly amazing short films and displayed acting skills i only see from the big screens. This movie wasn't produced by him, but by someone else where he stars as the actor, it's just a short movie but it was pretty good, thank you, youtube.

also, since i just bought a video camera, i figured i'd start fresh and get a new youtube account since my old one was ancient.

lets be friends! videos will be up soon :]

also me and my friend Sara are planning on making a music video for one of my songs, look out for news on that :3

that's all.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I bought an HD camera

i will get it in 5 days :3

that's all.

Friday, January 30, 2009

If you've never seen prince of Bel-Air

It won't make sense, because it's just so awesome.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So there was this morning

And I got ready for college. I'll update later with more, equally important facts. I use placeholders like that in a vain attempt to hold myself to such commitments.


EDIT: alrighty then, I'm back. I still haven't a thing to say, have a nice day.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

and now for a Rap video.

I love Tabi Bonney

i love him so much that im actually going to buy his new cd because i cant pirate either of them, but i also love his music, dont know why

now for shiny sunglasses and Africa.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So I'm reading my textbook

"Although women are more likely to attempt suicide, men are more likely to succeed at it..." (because they use deadlier methods)

I'm a horrible person, but I thought that was hillarious and I can't figure out why.
Well I got a 90% on my 10 question quiz, goodnight.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So I Realized

...that I could use the computer lab at CBC during my huge break. I've gotten the reading done I want to accomplish right now, so I might as well be catching up on those pointless electronic social interactions I don't care about, and you guys.

So yeah, new quarter is going swell. My first class is at 6:50 in the morning (ridiculous), and my next is at 11:30 (also ridiculous). My last is online. The amount of time I have between classes is staggering, so I'm actually motivated to "study" and "work" (both foreign, Australian concepts).

My classes aren't bad, two psychology/sociology based, and one is math. Good times.
Well, enough about me, lets talk about what I think.

I *finally* got my banking "credit union" account set up online, so I go through and label my expenses and income. I shouldn't enjoy it, but I do. It's nice to be able to see my balance online too, rather than just when I deposit new checks. I feel business like.

Uhhh, yeah. So I guess I'll probably be making more blog posts. It'd be harder to get away with playing games here, so yep, this is the alternative. You, my dear reader, are the alternative to me playing games. In the business of my life, you place second in this moment. Today, second has won. You, my dear reader, have won.

Silver = gold

So, yep. Good times for you, may the internet bestow upon you the wonders of awesomeness or something. A post of sufficient length has been reached, farewell.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Hobby

My hobby is making blog posts about making blog posts.

Friday, January 2, 2009

In related news..

I too have played much too much of this "left for dead"

and I'm pretty sure sleep does not get in the way of me OR Jake playing.

today, however i did something different.

so me and my girlfriend were at walmart and we were like "hey look, Board games! and so we bought scrabble and Yahtzee and oh my GOD it was so fun, yahtzee is rediculously fun, and scrabble is a great way to learn all sorts of words youve never heard and never will

good thing i don't gamble cus i love rolling dice.

yahtzee is my favorite, its a tough choice to scrabble but yahtzee is so easy and simple, i'm sure most anyone has played it.


sorry is also one of my favorite board games, but i dont have it.

of all the things id spend my money on i never thought it would be yahtzee and scrabble

thats how the first day of 2009 went.

who'd of known?

then came home and played left 4 dead for 2 hours.

sorry, cant get away completely.


Sorry I haven't Posted Lately

I've been playing Left 4 Dead. No end soon, happy new year!
College will start back up on Monday, good, scary, disappointing times. I don't want my break to end, and I've got a pretty early class. Meh.

Not a whole lot for me to do at work anymore, so I'll be getting less hours clocked in all likelihood. Not that that's a problem with CBC starting up, or that I have a real problem with working less, it's just a fact I suppose.

Went to a new years "party" with my cousins today (yesterday), it was more of a family get together. Pretty lame overall; I'm disappointed in how my cousins "grew up" and aren't as kinetic as they used to be.
Explanation: I wanted to play board games, play tag, do anything. But nooooooo, they all just talk too much. Lame. I suppose it also stems from my feelings of not really being part of their posse. I don't feel too terribly attached to either side of my family, honestly.

I mean, none of them even read this blog, how great can they be? D:

Well, on a high note, I've gotten a lot of L4D achievements today, and my friends in the virtual world love me. Or at least like me. Or at least appreciate my skill. Or can't find anyone better in the mass of swarming nublets that are playing the game late because their dad does. Yeah.

I haven't bought anything really recently. I didn't get anyone any Christmas presents, but I guess most of my family didn't. I haven't bought any games for awhile, mainly because I still haven't friggin' finished the ones from last year (2008). Yeah, bother. It's such a shame there are these things like "work" and "college" and "sleeping" to interfere with my gaming, or specifically, Left 4 Dead (Tony has it now, it's all over lol).

Sooooo yeah, I think that's enough text to account for my absence. It's about 1:19 A.M. here, and I have work tomorrow. I estimate I'll get enough sleep, but I might as well hop to it (or shamble). I guess I have a few projects to catch up on over the weekend while preparing for college again and playing even more Left 4 Dead.

Speaking of Left 4 Dead, I've played 51.3 hours of it in the past two weeks, and I'm 71% completed on achievements. One that will take awhile is:

Kill 53,595 Infected.
Yeah, I've killed about 15,000 I think. Pretty impressive, but I've still got a ways to go :P

I can't seem to get tired of this game, it's disconcerting, especially when one considers how many games I've played and how picky I am. I still haven't beaten Far Cry 2, and that's a pretty sweet game.

Didn't I say I was finishing this post? Yeah, I think I did. Anyways, considering how much I've played games recently, you'll have to excuse me if it's dominating my mind just a *little* bit. Or not, either way, I don't really mind. Just comment explaining why I'm a horrible person or something...I'll post a reply once I'm done receiving more enjoyment from my life than you.

"You know how people say having things in life will never make you happy?"
"Yeah, well those people are WRONG."