Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I recognize this isn't poetry, nor is it in any way comparable to anything Tony comes up with, but that's not my goal - it's just some thoughts. Think of it more as a message to myself than anything else; I need to hear it more often, honestly.

Choose love in all things,
Because worse than dying tomorrow
And being unable to undo the things I’d done
Is living longer and longer
And never waking up enough to change

It’s true that I should live like I was dying,
But I should also live like I’m alive,
When I’m walking down the street
Try to stop for just a moment, look at my hands
Realize I have the power to change - myself if nothing else
Understand the mistakes I’ve made in the past
See that I have the potential to help so many broken people
Even if in the smallest way
Smile if I dare
And walk like I live

Life is a beautiful thing
So many things testify to this fact
If life isn’t beautiful, I'm probably looking through the wrong glasses.


P.S. Yeah, I actually posted something from my own mind, I've broken the record of embedded videos and pictures D:


Tony and Jake said...

Honestly I think I like that better than a lot of the things I've written, that's really good.

I think a lot of people overlook the fact that poetry doesn't have to rhyme, and you just made a really good poem.

and it wasn't copy pasted! :D


Priscilla? said...

yeah, thats really awesome, jakie =D!

i encourage more