Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some Day

When the sun begins to shine- oh wait, nevermind.

I know you are all dying to hear about a day in my life, so here we goooooo!

(Insert all morning routines here, nobody cares)

So after I arrived at my first class (Music Appreciation) it was canceled AGAIN; that's two days in a row! I doubt it'll be canceled tomorrow though, so I probably won't have time to review my take-home quiz as much as I'd like.

So anyways, I went to the Hub and ran into Cody (there's a story there too I suppose). So I talked to him about stuff until I decided it was getting about time to head off to my next class, but not before I promised to come to the bible study in the atrium (awesome plant garden place for studying) for a bible study he was organizing later.

I went to my next class (Intro to Literature) and a about an hour later I was done there. I don't really like the stories we read for it, most of them are hopelessly depressing and don't end on a happy note.

I head over to my last class (something about microcomputers), which is generally cake because it's mostly for people that need to learn some basics about computers (and I'm pretty well past that point). On the way I kind of pass by Jordan (another story, I might need to make an explanation list of people I know someday) but on two different paths, so I just kept walking.

I had my general computer time class thing, spent some time on the internet, proved my general computer knowledge by being able to answer most of the questions, and hung out with a relatively new "college" friend of mine, Maggie (A pretty short story for this one).

She drove me to the hub in her ex-cop car (which is sweet), even though in reality I was going farther away from where I needed to walk to, it wasn't that much farther and I really didn't care) After that was over wish it was about time to head over to Cody's Bible study, so I walked around a bit until I ran into him, they headed into the atrium. A couple other folks showed up, there were 5 of us total, which is pretty good considering it was the first meeting, we discussed a bit of stuff.

After that I left and wasted some time, then I headed to the library to work a little on my quiz which is due tomorrow. After that I headed over with my mom to where my grandma was visiting, and I basically sat in the van for most of the time and read "Dune", which Tony is lending me. I did go in eventually and go through the compulsory (haha, Pris) acts of being a grandson by hugging and talking a bit; it was nice.

After that I went to Cody's church and for the most part we played volley-ball. After that, we ate, then we played volley-ball some more - lots of fun.

Now I need to finish up that quiz, I really can't put it off forever, and I want some sleep tonight.

Thanks for reading, if you comment I'll read your blog post :D

Das Pop - Underground
Graciously introduced by me by Tony, of course.


Priscilla? said...

i'm so proud of you! you used the word! I wonder if there's an americanised way to spell it >_>

also, cody and maggie needs their history with you explained! tsktsk.

and, God Bless. we haven't spoken in a really long time but i'm still really interested in your life - however creepy it may sound/be - so don't lose touch, k?

also, you dont have to comment my stuff =P

Jennie said...