Thursday, May 8, 2008

Warm Vs. Cold

Cultural preconceived concepts of both:
Warm - Happy, sunlight, alive, comfortable
Cold - Death, uncomfortable, oppressive

Now I used to be a cold person (not cold hearted, but I liked the cold better), but recently I've realized that it's almost entirely pointless to TRY to like the cold. Sunny days are generally more positive, and it's hard to go against something that is positive. I can't really fight the fact that I enjoy sunlight and being warm anymore, I don't have to force myself to walk around and freeze.

This post? Pointless. Short, so you're more likely to read it, but utterly pointless.
I'll have to pour some philosophy in here later.

(Physical Education ACE) <----Random


Cutie said...

thats sooooo random.=)

priscilla said...


cold doesn't mean sadness and oppression! meanie

your so weatherist!


i love cold =D