Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fallout 3 (Continued)

So I bought the Fallout 3 collector's edition (comes with a bobble head, lunch box, concept art, and a "making of" DVD, as well as the game of course).

So far the game has been awesome, it's really fun. It's not scary, especially with the V.A.T.S. system (pausing time to make super awesome shots/moves), but I'm really having a hard time scavenging ammunition. Some people would mistake that as a bad thing, but it's not, it's CHALLENGING and AWESOME. I took down a super mutant that had a CHAIN GUN with my spiked knuckler....I'm not even a melee fighter character, I'm just that desperate.

Graphics are awesome, sounds are great, voice overs are excellent, combat is really fun, and the game managed to capture a lot of the classic Fallout feel. It's really quite cool, and it better be for the $75 I spent for it.

Only downside: I'm having some crashes and lock ups with it, but I'm sure they'll get those patched up soon. It just released today, I'm not THAT picky.

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it's $100 here D=