Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President-Elect Barack H. Obama

So, as you know, we have a new president-elect (Basically he's "locked-in" as president, but the virgin sacrifices haven't been completed yet). And as you know, I really don't care that much. As you know, I needed a new blog post to keep Tony repressed, and as you know, I'm hoping Obama moves us closer to my ultimate goal.

My parents are disappointed, but that's just because they are hardcore republicans. Tony is happy, but that's just because he's a mindless teen zombie that believes all forms of change are good because he believes the government is stagnant, and agrees with the president-elect on important issues.

But what about ME, the important person. I already said I really don't care that much, and that's basically it. My parents are disappointed that I'm so passive/eager for the communist/socialist movement (whether it be true or not). Honestly, I'm glad I couldn't vote this year. It wouldn't have mattered anyways.

BUT JACOB, I hear you say, EVERY VOTE IS IMPORTANT. I reply "no, not it's not".

There's the flawed argument that states that my single vote wouldn't matter (the race wasn't down to one vote). This is flawed because this attitude accounts for very much more than a single vote every election year, as tons of people think this.

Then there is my logical argument, that I actually do believe. You see, the people of the U.S. don't pick the president. Those millions upon millions of votes are ultimately pointless for everything except statistics. The reason? The electoral college.

The electoral college was basically founded way back when because it was easier to have representatives vote for the president than each individual person (a lot of people couldn't get to polls). The problem is, this system still exists. President-elect Obama won the race by default when approximately 50% of the votes were still being counted.

Is this bad? No, not really. He would've won by a landslide anyways, as shown by the popular poll numbers we have now. Electoral votes DO generally go the way the people of that particular state want. I'm not even arguing any of those points, I'm just saying that even if I had the capacity to vote this year, I would've been one of those votes that got counted after it was over.

Now I need to get my family to rally around Obama and support him, he's going to be our president now, whether 46% (or whatever it is) of America likes it or not. We'll be able to get a lot more done for everyone if the (north) American people are there following his decisions and being part of the process. We, the government, did not edit this last part in. Woo, go baseball and apple pie.


Jake said...

Also, bwahahahah I can still ramble a good distance. GO GO POWER RANGERS

duh, nuh, nuh, nuh nuh

Jennie said...

My dad voted for McCain but when he came back, all he said was "He's going to lose." I don't think he's that disappointed, but my brother's a different story. He's rather upset. Let's just hope your parents aren't like my brother saying, and I quote: "ALL HAIL THE MESSIAH, ALL HAIL THE MESSIAH, ALL HAIL THE MESSIAH" /endquote.
Yeah, it's fun lol.

I felt like a bum not voting, but then again I'm too young and there's not much I can do about that. xD That electoral college stuff really confused me in the beginning, and it still sort of does but eventually I'll understand. In a few years or so.

But anywho, all I have to say is, if you are old enough to vote and don't, then don't complain. If you did, but your candidate lost, then you can 'cause at least you hoped and tried and yeah.
Politics. I'm done talking about them. I probably don't make sense when I try to talk about them, so I'll stick to things I DO know how to talk about.

APPLE PIE AND BASEBALL? Sounds like a partaaayy

priscilla said...

Didn't really read this blog post proper as i'm at school and my teacher is trying to talk to me but i'm ignoring her bluntly.

Obama is awesome, yes. I was surprised by how close the votes were. Obama at 52% and McCain on 47%? sweet!

I'm so glad i'm not tapped into active american blogs tho (/cough) coz it'd be daunting to read their political rants.