Friday, February 6, 2009

"Withdraw", a short indie film

I've watched David Lehre's films from the beginning, and he's produced seemingly amazing short films and displayed acting skills i only see from the big screens. This movie wasn't produced by him, but by someone else where he stars as the actor, it's just a short movie but it was pretty good, thank you, youtube.

also, since i just bought a video camera, i figured i'd start fresh and get a new youtube account since my old one was ancient.

lets be friends! videos will be up soon :]

also me and my friend Sara are planning on making a music video for one of my songs, look out for news on that :3

that's all.



Jennie said...

This is the sort of video that messes up my dreams. Rofl

But it's really good :D

Jessi said...

That was really good. :) I love short films on youtube.