Friday, January 2, 2009

In related news..

I too have played much too much of this "left for dead"

and I'm pretty sure sleep does not get in the way of me OR Jake playing.

today, however i did something different.

so me and my girlfriend were at walmart and we were like "hey look, Board games! and so we bought scrabble and Yahtzee and oh my GOD it was so fun, yahtzee is rediculously fun, and scrabble is a great way to learn all sorts of words youve never heard and never will

good thing i don't gamble cus i love rolling dice.

yahtzee is my favorite, its a tough choice to scrabble but yahtzee is so easy and simple, i'm sure most anyone has played it.


sorry is also one of my favorite board games, but i dont have it.

of all the things id spend my money on i never thought it would be yahtzee and scrabble

thats how the first day of 2009 went.

who'd of known?

then came home and played left 4 dead for 2 hours.

sorry, cant get away completely.


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Jennie said...

I FRIGGEN LOVE YAHTZEE. I think I won once, too. Haven't played it in forever though which is upsetting now that I think about it. D:

Great game :D