Friday, January 2, 2009

Sorry I haven't Posted Lately

I've been playing Left 4 Dead. No end soon, happy new year!
College will start back up on Monday, good, scary, disappointing times. I don't want my break to end, and I've got a pretty early class. Meh.

Not a whole lot for me to do at work anymore, so I'll be getting less hours clocked in all likelihood. Not that that's a problem with CBC starting up, or that I have a real problem with working less, it's just a fact I suppose.

Went to a new years "party" with my cousins today (yesterday), it was more of a family get together. Pretty lame overall; I'm disappointed in how my cousins "grew up" and aren't as kinetic as they used to be.
Explanation: I wanted to play board games, play tag, do anything. But nooooooo, they all just talk too much. Lame. I suppose it also stems from my feelings of not really being part of their posse. I don't feel too terribly attached to either side of my family, honestly.

I mean, none of them even read this blog, how great can they be? D:

Well, on a high note, I've gotten a lot of L4D achievements today, and my friends in the virtual world love me. Or at least like me. Or at least appreciate my skill. Or can't find anyone better in the mass of swarming nublets that are playing the game late because their dad does. Yeah.

I haven't bought anything really recently. I didn't get anyone any Christmas presents, but I guess most of my family didn't. I haven't bought any games for awhile, mainly because I still haven't friggin' finished the ones from last year (2008). Yeah, bother. It's such a shame there are these things like "work" and "college" and "sleeping" to interfere with my gaming, or specifically, Left 4 Dead (Tony has it now, it's all over lol).

Sooooo yeah, I think that's enough text to account for my absence. It's about 1:19 A.M. here, and I have work tomorrow. I estimate I'll get enough sleep, but I might as well hop to it (or shamble). I guess I have a few projects to catch up on over the weekend while preparing for college again and playing even more Left 4 Dead.

Speaking of Left 4 Dead, I've played 51.3 hours of it in the past two weeks, and I'm 71% completed on achievements. One that will take awhile is:

Kill 53,595 Infected.
Yeah, I've killed about 15,000 I think. Pretty impressive, but I've still got a ways to go :P

I can't seem to get tired of this game, it's disconcerting, especially when one considers how many games I've played and how picky I am. I still haven't beaten Far Cry 2, and that's a pretty sweet game.

Didn't I say I was finishing this post? Yeah, I think I did. Anyways, considering how much I've played games recently, you'll have to excuse me if it's dominating my mind just a *little* bit. Or not, either way, I don't really mind. Just comment explaining why I'm a horrible person or something...I'll post a reply once I'm done receiving more enjoyment from my life than you.

"You know how people say having things in life will never make you happy?"
"Yeah, well those people are WRONG."


Jennie said...

I GOTCHO LETTAH! And I will make sad attempts at writing back. They'll be "sad" 'cause my thumb doesn't allow me to write properly at the moment BUT THAT'S OKAY!

Yeah, and, Left 4 Dead is coming back into my dreams again. I'm not sure why though, but two nights ago I dreamt I killed a zombie with a book. Yeah. AND I DON'T EVEN PLAY THE GAME! Which I lost, AGAIN.
Such a chatterbox I am. Can't wait 'til I'm old and senile. GREAT TIMES!

priscilla said...

I wanted to play that game!

Too bad it's too expensive =X