Thursday, March 19, 2009

My good Pal education

My Father offered me a brand new macbook if i passed the one class left i needed to get a high school degree officially.

He wonders why im not excited,

probably because he doesn't know that im going to fail the class :/

no amount of money will make me good at school,

if i was offered a Porsche i wouldn't care because i dont believe anyone would give a $60k car away just for passing a class.

but so goes life. I go to college, i just need one more class and ill be done with school.

I had 2 classes ,one was a college english class which im passing just fine, the other was an internet class that was for high school, all i need is one class and i get my diploma and i just couldnt do it, the class is so boring uhg its just read read test read read test, but im not going to take college classes next quarter, so ill just retake it and pass it,

and also, im TOTALLY MOVING OUT. So im stoked about that.

hopefully soon, but we're still looking, me and ma friend mitch are looking at 2 bedrooms, im excited to go live out my life; top ramen and thin apartment walls!

I also forgot to mention my girlfriend broke up with me

"oh that explains why you're still up at 4 in the morning"