Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So I'm on a computer. I'm at CBC. I'm bored, not hungry, and don't want to drive somewhere to buy something to eat and lose my spot in the process. So shall my Mondays and Wednesdays go. I'll have work later today, but really I'm just waiting for my next class now.

I think I should go for straight-legged 32 34 pants from now on. 30 34 would be the best, but those would have to be custom made and thus expensive.

I need to make a calendar I'll keep updated and actually use for keeping track of my homework. I'll probably install Rainlendar again for such a purpose.

I'm inching my way toward being able to fly an Abaddon, boy that'll be awesome. Too bad it costs 100m+ to buy. Sucks to be me. I'm probably going to train toward my logistics ship ("Guardian") after that.

I started playing Everquest (the original one) with some friends. Good times there.
I still play Left 4 Dead a ton. New content should be coming out for that soon, which I look forward to.

The classes I am taking this quarter include Geology, Speech Essentials, and Math 97.
Good instructors across the board, so if I do poorly this quarter it would be my own fault.

I've decided I want to purchase a motorcycle rather than a car. A car protects one from the weather and is safer, neither of which are aspects I care for. A motorcycle gets much better MPG and is a ton more interesting to ride. Also, parking at CBC is CAKE with a motorcycle because the spots for them are always free.

Uhhh, yeah. I need a girlfriend to develop my offline life. I have come to this conclusion after years of dedicated meditation and pwning lots of n00bs. Yep.

Money is pointless - of this I am sure. I get money by working, which has a fun factor of 2%. I get money, which has a fun factor of 5%. I can spend the money on food, games, movies, etc, which have a fun factor of 70% with the expected free time I can get out of them.

Thus: The fun factor of a worker = 2% from my work + 5% from money + 70% from entertainment derived from money with reduced free time. 77% fun.

Now without work I'd have 100% use of pure fun doing whatever I want, or 100% fun.

Being part of the American Dream costs me 30% of my possible fun. How lame is that?
Work doesn't make my life feel fulfilled, it just makes me more tired and too lazy to run around my house 4 times spontaneously. I'm still waiting for a good argument as to why being a functional member of society is actually beneficial to me in the long run :/


Jennie said...

Math 97? That's an odd number to put after math.
Inside joke. Moving on.
Girlfriend? I'd get one, but that wouldn't make sense for me, and would be uncomfortably awkward.
I does want a job. Nobody will hire me though. I wish they'd tell me why D:


priscilla said...

Rainlendar is aweosme. Why not use the traditional book-diaries that every school across Australia has given their students? It works well, once you've developed a dependence on it. On the downside, you may never get out of the dependence for it.

your life seems to be fine and rosy.

don't get a motorcycle. apparently they're very dangerous. do you ask "how"? because I will personally hunt you down and kill you out of supreme jealousy.

Figured the motorcycle was one of the things your parents did when they were young but you're magicallly unallowed to use because they magically became bad for you.

WOOOO HULLO! all the best with your future gf, assuming you get one whilst i know of you, and you are an established individual to hold such a job.

long comment, whoa.


- Pris

Jake said...

Sup guys. I order:
We don't have water tank,
I don't have a diary,
I want a motorcycle BECAUSE it is dangerous :P,
I'll probably never have a girlfriend,
I don't want to work at my job forever.

Thanks for the comments guys :D

Tony said...

i heard costco sells girlfriends at discount