Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's my birthday soon

This is Tony,

My B-day is april 29th

and i want a motorcycle

a yellow one

its only 600$ :D

i dont know how to ride a motorcycle, i only have once, and it was just a dirt bike, JAKES dirt bike

maybe JAKE still has it so i can learn for reals so when i go out and buy a pretty yellow 1970s bike i can use it :P

That's all i guess.

i work 7 days a week, i just moved into an apartment and its awesome, i should show you some pictures huh?

There's a Radio shack that's hiring that is in walking distance from my apartment, i TOTALLY want to apply but im afraid i wont get enough money there to manage an apartment

i'm using really bad wireless internet that's a public internet from my apartment, but it cuts out a lot so i dont use it too much. I also have to use my room mate's laptop to get internet since my computer doesnt get wireless signals.

but i should have real internet soon,

or you can text me at five zero nine-nine four seven-four two eight zero

or msn me at subspacer88ATyahooDUTcom

i have msn on my phone

or facebook or myspace, whateva

Edit by Jake: Changed phone number and email from standard format to prevent webcrawler detection.

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Jennie said...

Once, my sister was riding a bike and flipped forward over the handlebars. My neighbors are obnoxious with their motorcycles and fly down the road at 2AM and it's REALLY loud.

I almost applied at a Radio Shack, but I never did for some reason.
My dad used to work at one, then he joined the military. lulz

Happy (early) Birthday!