Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reviving The Blog with the blood of photography

Hello all, Tony here, if anyone still see's this blog, well you're in luck! 5 years later..I'm just glad it's still here.

Along with the blog being restored, I have also recently come back into photography. I have many artistic hobbies nowadays, Still making music (which you can always check out here ), although not as much lately, have some new things to upload soon though.

I have recently spent a hefty chunk of money for a Phantom 3 Advanced, been getting back into the RC hobby too especially with the rise of quad-copter technology, I could go on and on about this drone, but so many people on the internet already have, so I wont waste your reading eyes. The camera takes great shots so I've been trying to capture the symmetry of the world around me, as well as any beautiful shot I can find around town, I'm still learning, but I'm having a great time doing it and I hope to share that excitement to you via my results so far.

Many photos to come!

This post's addition is all about symmetry!

  1. Here is 400 feet above my house directly, one of my first shots

Here is a very cool shot right above a graveyard, that is right next door to my work..
See those trucks at the bottom? right there, literally a gate away. Although I'm used to it at this point.

Another shot in my neighborhood , just a random street corner,

Front entrance of a school behind my house, This was my so-far favorite night Attempt.
Capturing night photos with a quad-copter can be difficult because you're trying to keep the shutter open for a long exposure but even the slightest movement in your quad-copter can cause blur.

And here's our last stop on new post #1, the baseball field behind my house at my school, a game was going on at the time as well, although I was not struck by a baseball. I love the curve of the field's grass.

Thus concludes our first 2016 adventure in the sky. Thanks for consuming some of your precious human time to make me feel important! 

This post will probably change around and may be reposted, I need to find the best way to post these photos, as well as completely learn how to use this whole blog again, took me an hour just to get the account information back!

So everything seems to be smooth, fixed the photo sizes to fit our blog,  you should be able to open them and get the link for the full size picture and be able to download them if you like! or post the links. If you CAN'T do that, please tell me! suggestions and comments are the internet man's best friend.


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