Sunday, March 20, 2016

My Daughter's First Birthday

Being a parent is fun and will also drive you crazy. The love I have for my daughter Alice is beyond measurement, and it's been a fun year learning together. from first teeth to first steps, watching her grow up is beautiful even though 80% of my free time vanished, I suppose it's worth it. She's too cute to deny, I mean come on, this face..
(food on the lips and all)

and thus I decided we should take some photos on a foggy day, although today she decided she was gonna be in a fowl mood all day, but I'd still say I got some okay shots.

This one here has to be my favorite:

probably because that one is the only one she really looked somewhat in my direction, as you'll note below:

Why yes, I did dress her today, what gave it away?

slightly higher quality versions of these can be found here

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