Tuesday, October 23, 2007

6th period, Richland High School

Dear people, I am in school, Please send help.

I Have Internet, but Myspace is blocked and I'm sick of flash games.

And this page isn't blocked surprisingly.

The teacher isn't teaching me anything I can understand or use, The class is web design.

I miss one step and I'm screwed. If he wouldn't turn on the internet maybe I wouldn't be so distracted, jeez!

My teacher is pretty cool though, his name is Mr. Benson

why hello der Mr. Benson!

I search Icanhascheezburger.com a lot in this class.



stevie said...

I took that class too. I switched out after two weeks. He's a good guy though. Maybe his class will teach you some cool stuff.

If not, there's always w3schools.com. Checkitout!

Steve Geluso said...

Apparently my name is stevie here. That's weierd.

Steve Geluso said...

Nevermind. Fixed it. Sorry to rank up your comment count.

Maybe other people will see that there's a lot of activity here and come talk themselves.

Priscilla? said...


I have to do that too. hatehatehate it. we had dreamweaver but we had to use notebook and code everything manually.