Sunday, October 7, 2007


what is happiness?
what is love?
Some people think That love IS happiness.

I don't think that love is always happiness,
I think that sometimes,
Happiness is the simple things
the little things that make us happy
sometimes, for some,
happiness is friendship

Sometimes happiness is
when you're upset,
and someone, or something, brings you joy.

No one should ever have to suffer too much in this world.
We all suffer a little,
it's pain that makes Happiness real.

In life, no matter how low it may become,
I hope that in the end,
Everything is okay, for everyone.

Simplicity Is a beautiful thing.
and to all who experience such joy in such small ways,
you have a beautiful heart.



Priscilla? said...


[HalftoneAddict] said...

Hey, I found this from your myspace. :) I like reading blogs. I have a cat that looks just like that. This reminds me a bit of things I've written, maybe you should read my blogs sometime. :) I agree, though. I like being the type of person that is easily amused, satisfied...made happy? by little things. Like cat kisses. Haha.