Saturday, October 20, 2007

everything's right

Take my hand, step inside
what better girl than to have at my side
shall we dance, Yes or no
Colored lights and affection we'll show

May your looks, compliment.
Your beauty was heaven sent
as you twirl, through the air
it waves through your beautiful hair

oh, cliche. How I know,
you're the most gorgeous girl in the world.
and its hard, to admit,
that this dance will be over at midnight

as our hearts, Interlock
the calmness of love slows the clock
though there's more, all around
it's only your voice that makes sound

in the end, when the song
hits an end, and we all move along
I will always know
of the time where things became slow
and we danced, to the beat
then slowly but surely we'd meet,
and our lips, they had touched,
and maybe this time it was love.

Memory, may forget
many things, but your lips i have yet,
to lose, in my head
I'll be dreaming of you
when I lay in bed..



Jennie said...

Why is it that you can write so good? Although, saying good is an understatement, by far.

Priscilla? said...

I'm with Jennie o.o