Tuesday, November 6, 2007

6th period aventures: part 2

Hey Jake, thanks for changing our pictures at the bottom of the blog! you look pretty sweet too, all in color n stuff. What a hansom mannn haha

Hello again, We're learning flash today, but he's teaching us about stupid things, like making circles, i don't want to make a circle, i want to make my website APPEAR really cool, but i don't need generic vector circles to do that.

To all who read our blog, I love you.

anyway. this is fun, real fun. I'm half-learning and half-blogging. Woo.

freedom countdown: 13 minutes.


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Priscilla? said...


i did flash too. i made a story about two worms meeting whilst being fishing bait. when they finally fall in love, they get eaten. YAY!

anyways. circles are... cool?