Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can I not make friends?

Okay, I'm tired, It's 2:15 AM here, And I probably wont type much, but seriously..

Can i not make friends? Naturally I go towards girls when i make friends, because thats just my personality, With jake (my best friend, and Co Owner of blog) as an exception obviously.

Seriously though, I start to think like "wow this girl is really cool i like talking to her" then she asks me if i have a crush on her or something, or asks if Id see her as more than a friend.

you know what? seriously, i dont mean to be rude, but *EDIT* you. I just want to be friends, that's what I NEED right now, If I like a girl then I'll let her know, but maybe sometimes i get tired of girls constantly liking me, i mean yeah it sounds stupid and probably a lot of people wish they were liked constantly, but It's not that great.

I really start to enjoy someone, I start liking their friendship, and then they think I like them.

and NOW I feel like I'm OBLIGATED to like them, and like i'm expected to or they won't talk to me anymore, or wont talk to me like they were

stupid girls.


Why can't I meet a Lesbian? That'd be a nice change.

-Edited by Jacob Nov. 24th-

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Priscilla? said...

according to psycology, a girl NEVER becomes friends with a guy (or vise versa) without the hope of being with them one day

thats like saying i'm concentrating on one guy and all the rest are backup

or something.

its weird.

anyways, yikes. i can almost understand how annoying that would be coz then they're judging you

don't like them out of obligation. you'd become shallow then you won't be able to spout hardcore lyrics like you usually do =D