Friday, November 16, 2007

poor child laberors

you know, I know that it makes no difference whether i buy chinese products or not, its like vegitarians, you're never gonna change the fact that we grow chickens in a foot long wide box all their life then murder them violently, just like the kids in china will still be forced to make clothing, and they do a good job, i mean hey, I like my new 100$ jacket.

I just feel bad when i think about how they're dying and overworked and over punished.

i hope someday life in china is better, as well as in other countries



Priscilla? said...

never saw it that way

btw, there are more kid workers in thailand and HEAPS in America =D

Tony and Jake said...

Actually child labor is illegal in America; although it's pointless because kids have to do school anyways. Lame.


Priscilla? said...

awww i got beat

but hey. there are sweatshops

uhh btw tony. you spelt laborers wrong >.>


Tony and Jake said...

I noticed that too lol