Sunday, April 10, 2016

delicious session: FOOD

Ah, food. It speaks for itself.

I work for a catering company that goes by 'castle', were one of the more well known companies in my local areas, I've been in food service for about 7 years now, and this is the best place i have ever worked thus far.

At the end of the day, food isn't what i really want to do, but i've tasted some amazing things and have learned so much about food now, I don't feel like theres anything I couldn't make at this point.

These photos were taken all on my phone, not necessarily professional, I was in a hurry through most of these, some of them were wrapped already and it was hard to get a solid shot on most of these. My phone camera is fantastic but has a very slim angle and has to be pulled back pretty far to capture entire trays.

mm veggie wraps, made them and stacked them so nicely, then after I thought at the last minute i'd take a photo.

This one wasn't mine, one of my bosses usually does these, its a whole smoked salmon, a bit creepy, it's even got jalepeno eyes!

This is one of my favorite cheese trays that I have made thus far
the center is brie, all around with white cheddar cubes and smoked ghouda and manchego slices

The center of these is terrine, which is blue cheese and cream cheese, topped with walnuts/or cherries, you dip it with crackers and as you reach the middle, theres a fine layer of pesto, amazing and delicious. I've made all kinds of different cured veggie/meat/terrine trays, some i used different molds to give them fun shapes and make them eye pleasing.

We made a GIANT cake , made entirely of rice krispies and lined with doughnuts, this cake was over 200 lbs , we all had a blast making it, and it sold for like..800 dollars or more(I don't remember honestly but I remember thinking "DAMN, ITS JUST A SH** TON OF CEREAL AND MARSHMALLOWS"

not entirely completed, but you get the idea, Sadly I wasn't working the day all the doughnuts got finished up.

A few more trays and things i've done below, Honestly I've been wanting make this post for a few days and haven't found time, even today I am cutting it short because theres so much to do and so little time! I will probably elaborate and edit this post later, but it's a quick summary of what I do for a living

If you have any questions or are curious, feel free to comment! I'd be happy to answer them for you

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