Wednesday, April 13, 2016

drone session: Flat top hill run

One of the biggest features on the phantom 3 advanced is the video quality it can take, 2.7k video at 30 fps at the best which is far more than I need it for. I'm more into the photography half of it, but it really shines with video, which is unfortunate for me because i have absolutely no video editing skills or experience in shooting video. That doesn't stop me from taking countless videos in 1080p at 48 FPS and ogling at the scenery, but that also means that I'm not exactly creating professional clips, and they're not exciting enough to be worth sharing most of the time.

Someday i'd like to invest in a camera for the ground, so that I can combine both to make something really worth watching. I'm still working on my video editing skills, which is more of a technical challenge over anything(trying to keep the format correct and not losing quality, finding the right video editing software and actually having to learn how to use it).

Eventually I plan to take a bunch of my clips and combine all the great parts of them into a 'welcome to our city' type thing, maybe I'll convince my good friends to come back to our state, Nothing makes you home sick like seeing your home from the sky..right? sure, we'll go with that.

The video below is the latest (at this time of posting) video that I have taken, This was my first time actually trying to edit, and i also had the exposure too high on my camera so the whole video is a bit bright from the giant ball of fire so  low in the sky. There's a few great shots that could be taken from this video, but since I did not manage to clip out every boring part, the video is a bit long.

I climbed all the way up the hill with my good friend Alex, he helped carry the drone up, while i carried my daughter in a backpack all the way up. As a smoker, I was convinced i'd die before I made it to the top, but I managed to get there without stopping(my friend is in much better shape than I, perhaps it was that as motivation)!

I had reception problems in town here and there but there was definitely a full 3 mile range for me at the top of this hill. I could have gone around the whole town ! but since i was up so high, i didn't want to stray too far from the mountain and smack into a helicopter or something..

I'm pushing 35 miles an hour the whole video, which it doesn't seem like because im typically 1000 feet in the air through most of it.

Hopefully it shows up correctly, haven't yet posted a video here yet, but you can find my whole youtube collection HERE

comment or just give me page views like how you have been doing, whoever you are.

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