Sunday, September 9, 2007

200 word essay

I was late 2 times in a row to a class and the teacher made me write a 200 word essay on why being late constantly is a bad thing,

at first i thought that was a pretty crazy punishment for just 2 tardies,

but then i soon realized that 200 words is not much at all,

it's just fancy sounding.

anyways, i haven't posted much, what i just said isn't really that interesting, but i feel a need to say something.

The personal stuff that's happened, will remain silent.

it's not publicly displayed, especially not here on a blog, so there wont be anything intense to read.

only 2 other people read this stuff anyway, honestly.



Priscilla? said...

exactly, so if only two other people read this, then it isn't very public is it? this blog is just a way of keeping in touch with you two without much contact at all xD

hey, bug jake to write something abot school for me? xD

Tony and Jake said...

She's right, this blog has served it's purpose. Come, let us start the ritual.