Monday, September 17, 2007

First Day of College

Hello undying fans and friends,

Today was the first day of official college for me, and I'll give you a little summary about how my day went thus far.

7:30ish: Was awoken by my mother to give me time for academic preparations, wonder what clothes to wear, I take a shower, I wonder what clothes to wear and how to do my hair. I eventually decide on some clothes, only to have my mother show me a shirt I didn't remember having, I wear that shirt and some nice charcoal black jeans.
I quickly put on my shoes and brush my teef and head out the door.

8:30ish: I arrive at the school and talk some with a friend from FYI (college introduction) named Mira or something (I rarely remember a name if I only hear it once). Anyways, my mom comes in and we talk about my college books and how I don't have all of them and how I'm going to explain this to my professor. (I'm too manly to worry about my mom in public, it's not like YOU never had a mother xD)

Later...: I head of to my first class, eventually finding it after a slight error on my part. Behavior Communications it is!

Later...: General Psychology it is! (Awesome class, my favorite)

Later...: English Composition is it! (Teacher sounds kind of quiet, but she's really organized and planned.

Eventually the classes end, I find out I need to go to an orientation to use the gym (legal reasons?), so I schedule it for Wednesday at 12:50.

At the end of the day I need more books, but I have survived the first day of school!

Now I need to do homework, thanks for reading,


Priscilla? said...



I have never heard of any of those lessons in my life tho? o_O

what is the punishment for doing something wrong? the generic detention? or Social Isolation Consequence? (I just fancy-ised the the word detention. the other lessons you had today seemed like fancy-ised words for generic names like 'math')

Tony and Jake said...

You're treated like an adult, if you don't do the work your grades fall, if you are disruptive you'll probably get kicked out of the class.

It's basically the same as a job, if you're not there for the reason you're supposed to be (to learn) they have no reason to LET you be there, and it's not like they have to tolerate one's attitude like in grade school, they have Master degrees in their chosen fields so they get respect for being smarter than us :P

Tony and Jake said...

Oh, and the subject names are like that because they are often hybrids or advanced classes.

Example, Communication Behavior is both communication in a social atmosphere, and behavior. Se it's social interaction and part psychology.

Priscilla? said...

jee... thats mega weird!!

well I doubt i'd like college. I'm too young for adulthood just yet. it sounds a lot like uni. the only colleges we have in Australia are Bible Colleges and even THEN, you can only really do well after high school

and you need to be coached in social interaction why...?

Tony and Jake said...

I dunno, but I get Friday off so after maybe a bit of homework I'll be able to stay up later so I can talk to you tomorroowwwww.

Priscilla? said...

ahhh.. dagger through my heart! I'm working tomorrow! I won't be online at all


its funny we keep contact this way xD. get a bebo? I can talk to you eVEN MORE!! WAHAHAAHAHAHA

<3 luffluff!

Tony and Jake said...