Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goodbye, April Marree

They say if you love someone you'll set them free, but if they return then love is meant to be.

If she wants another man by her side, to hold her close at night, thats fine, I'll swallow my pride and allow love to die.

I might ask myself, What is life without love? But then again, What is life in fear of losing love? The life in fear of losing love is in fact throwing away the only thing he needs, the only thing he sees, the only thing he breathes. Love does not envy and Love does not fear. Love is the act of bringing something out inside of someone and letting it shine for the whole world to see. And trust me the whole world will see.

How bad can life be when the one who matters more then me is smiling? Because it is this moment I find peace, when she's grown her own wings and is pleased to find new things. And I'll show her these days I've changed my ways, and I'd die for her and I'm sure she feels the same but when truth be told it was her who got pushed away. And I can't ruin another day because so few of you have seen this side of me but trust me this side of me is here to stay.

My friends I beg I asked myself this question and I'm asking you to ask yourselves the same...

When Love is about making her happy...
What is Life Without Love?

I didn't write this, But it's how I feel, and I agree with it all, I'm still going to Love April, Because I love her and I'm willing to let her go


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Priscilla? said...

its awful to hear this Tony.

However, I will not comment conclusively as I'm afraid what would hurt more. Sympathy or apathy.

God Bless. You're in prayers tonight (and for the next couple xD)