Monday, September 24, 2007

I love Apple prodcuts

mac laptops

all of which, real expensive.


Theyre beastly in price

I'm saving for an Ipod so i dont have to sit at my computer to listen to music
80 GB

itle say "Grey Sky Dreaming" on it too

my acoustic band name :>


but i need 269$ (thats like with tax)

so im selling cds like CRAAZZY

I'd say buy one, but no one reads this lol



Priscilla? said...

sorry but...


I have a Zen, and I love it more that is ISN'T an apple product than if its actually any good or not


Tony and Jake said...

Hardly, the "oh my god i have an iPod" scene is out, it's Sidekick 3's here, and those aren't made by Apple

Zens are just as expensive, so id rather just have an Ipod with more space than my computer,

I'd hardly call me a conformist, I just want a good music device, and i hate the way zens work, so Ipod in my opinion is better, so conformist or not, I win.

And it says my band name on it lol

Priscilla? said...

but STILL!!

I reserve the stance that the lack of knowledge as to how Zens work makes people actually appropriating it quite difficult.

nonetheless, I guess Americans and Aussies are different in their views of the world xDxD

Lets call it a draw!!

PS: please specify which one you are. that is, tony or jake. I spend half of my energy whilst reading your comment to try and understand it

PSS: whats a Sidekick 3?

Tony and Jake said...

well zens are fine, but ive used them and have a lot of knowledge, and i dont like them, i like ipods, so cliche or not, i dont necessarely care, and you cant engrave zens anyway lol