Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How the days Fly

At the end of this month school will be starting, Dang..

you know what? that just sucks for me, in my opinion.
A lot of people are like "oh I'm happy for school to start" and I understand, friends, and things like that, but I don't mind only getting to hang out with a couple of people, It's fine by me!

I had a good summer, I mean theres still more summer left but I'm sure it's gonna be good too.

On another subject, I realize that people with blue tooth headsets look like crazy retards talking to the air, but some how I still want a cool little cyborg ear piece.

I think that's a great way to hide it if you talk to yourself a lot, you're like "oh no dude, it's a blue tooth headset!" just make sure they don't ask where it is because they don't see it in your ear.

I saw a few blue-toothers at walmart.

On youtube they have these videos about the coffee brand "eight o'clock coffee" and it's joking where this guy tries to make and drink the coffee at 8:00 in the same minute, or he can't drink it, and it's really funny, (I'll post the link next time i look for it, it's 2 videos).

And Walmart FINALLY had that coffee, I've been looking forever, and I got some, I finally get the try the coffee that kills you if you don't make and drink it at 8:00


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Anonymous said...

Tell us how you like our coffee.