Friday, August 17, 2007

You don't have to be a loser to watch anime

I just watched the movie "Spirited Away", and It's an amazing movie, the director/animator is amazing and he also made the movie "Howl's Moving Castle" which was amazing as well.

My girlfriend laughed at me because i said they were awesome movies because they're anime movies, I know she was half joking, but it still makes me think about it.

A lot of people who watch Anime watch loads of it and are people who dress really strange and generally are labeled losers,

but you can't just really stereotype that for everyone, because I love some anime movies, even a few shows, that doesn't mean I'm automatically addicted and sit in my house all day with no friends watching anime and reading anime comics. I don't flood my myspace with tons of stupid pictures from random Anime series' and have lots of anime video clippings all over my page either. I simply see them as cartoons, and as with any movie or show or comic book or anything, If it's a good story, among other characteristics that make it good, then It's worth watching.

I don't dress in hot topic trip pants and wear endless amounts of unattractive cliche accessories and act strange, but I still enjoy some anime. I dress pretty normal, (at least to some standards) and I have friends and a generally semi-normal life.

anyway, check out the movie Spirited Away some time, you might like it. It's very creative.


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Priscilla? said...

I was an anime addict for awhile and that type of "dressing up funny" is only for those who go to cosplays and HAVE to dress up like that for competitions and such in Japan, Tokyo.

Spirited away and Howl's Moving Castle IS amazing tho the voices sometimes are a little weird coz the dialogue was all originaly in Japanese. both VERY creative =D. Spirited Away was introd to me through school.had to study the music xD