Saturday, August 11, 2007

Today I went shopping

I hung out with April (my girlfriend) all day and I accompanied her shopping then decided i wanted to shop too so i stayed at the mall when she left and my dad came and bought me two pairs of pants, which is generous of him, since he doesn't like giving me things, and now he probably won't give me my allowance or anything for awhile :P, And I'll be sure not to ask, hah.

I bought tight skinny pants and flare pants, two different styles, I like switching styles, it's fun

now i just need a shirt and a new belt!

It's unfortunate that the clothes I like are so expensive :/

I mean I need a new backpack (aka messenger bag) and 2 more shirts so i can be set for the dreaded school year, And it seems like everything I like is expensive, trust me I've tried to find cheap stuff, it never works out.

speaking of looks, I'm developing terrible Acne all of a sudden, I thought it was almost all gone for awhile then BAM! it comes back to haunt me.

also the bus driver today told me that I need to pull up my pants next time I ride "his" bus, but my pants were pulled up, more than normal too!

oh well.

(I just wish i had a car to get around, instead of some stupid public transportation that doesn't have good running hours)

Truthfully This is just kind of an average day report, but I had something more meaningful to write about, I just don't remember what it is.

PS: It's really chaotic in my head when I make stuff in the oven and the instructions say "place on middle rack" when i only have 2 racks


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Priscilla? said...

Eh, screw the oven. they all end up cooked anyways. Americans seem to be so persnicketty :O

I'm with ya there. all the DECENT clothing are so expensive!! >=[