Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jake's been GONE

But you may not have noticed.

I went on a trip for 3 days down to Oregon to help take apart a building, and I missed social interaction horribly.

Day 1: We prepare to join my dad at the building, leaving late in the afternoon in our stocked up van (I bring Tony's MP3 player and headphones, which was a wise decision in hindsight).

We arrive after a long trip and meet up with dad, leaving the site to eat at the Lucky Dragon (Generic name, great food. Afterwards we get a hotel room, check the TV, realize nothing is on no matter how many channels one has, and go to sleep.

Day 2: I wake up really early (I almost always do in at any place other than my house, no matter when I go to sleep really), take a nice shower (complementary soap and shampoo rocks), watch TV some, and eventually we head out. I work a little on the building until the battery on our home style cordless drill ran out.

The majority of this day was spent in the van with my parents as they searched and bought the proper tools for taking stuff off of the building (Drills, sockets, a generator), I fell asleep :P.

Eventually we had our tools and headed back for a little work before the sun went down (I fall off a ladder and injure myself non-fatally {as you can see}; the accident being my own fault).

That night me and Nathan (brother) slept on the back (bed) of my dad's large farm style truck under the stars, at this point I feel extremely soul drained because of my lack of social contact, trains rush by on one side somewhat near us and boats passed on the other (We were near a river that lead to the ocean).

Day 3: (Dawn of the final day)

I wake up to a feeling of bring cold....absolutely nothing happens, I'm just pointing out that at some points in time,wind has been cold, that was one of those times.

Eventually everyone wakes up (I loved the sunlight after the cold, I'm more tanned than I was pre-trip), and we spend a day working on the building (more than usual), of note is that I was the one to take the screws out of the highest panels of the building, although I don't pretend to think that I did so without a little hesitancy.

Near the end of this ordeal I got to show off my monkey-boy prowess and gather some info on some coolers attached to the ceiling, nothing really important happened, I just like feeling that I have some agility :)

We packed up, headed home, and for a length of time I drove (last stretch).

I took a shower, shaved, put on deodorant (Cause I'm a gentleman), and not long after typed this up.

Thanks for taking an interest in my life.

P.S. Someone talk to me, I'm still socially starving because the one person I talked to on MSN hasn't responded yet.



Priscilla? said...

ahahahaha, i READ that!!

and it was really really fun. Seriously

working on a building eh? whyness? It was fun in the end. You got a physical workout whilst I ROTTED WITHOUT YOUR COMPANY

mind tho, don't feel guilty. I feel guilty for not coming with you =S

God Bless!!

PS: you DROVE!!! JACOB DDDROOOVVEEE!!!*lively jig*

Tony and Jake said...

im like you, I feel so cold and lonely and isolated if i dont have social contact D: