Saturday, August 11, 2007

Found an awesome little game called "TUMIKI Fighters"

I was searching the internet today for free games to play (Wikipedia has a nice list), when I came across this free little game.

It's really basic in concept, everything is in blocky form, you control a little ship that constantly shoots, and you have to get through the level and beat the boss. That's all standard fair, but what's really interesting is when you destroy an enemy it'll fall off the screen UNLESS you catch it (Yes, catch it). it will then stick to your ship and continue to shoot as it normally would but in the angle you caught it.
The caught parts are also counted as armor and help to keep your base ship alive.

This gaming mechanic is really fun, and admittedly building a huge armored juggernaut is very entertaining, you can download the tiny game from the maker's site.

P.S. The controls are in English in the 'readme_e.txt' file.


Tony and Jake said...

must...get..more..stuff..STUCK TO ME!

Priscilla? said...


I sorta understand but sorta don't? funny how simple games can be so much more addictive than complex games.

we live in a very ironic world... *sagely nod*