Sunday, August 12, 2007

So today I hung out with Tony

After church I went over to his house and we ate chicken alfredo and drank some type of fruit juice, very tasty.

It was fun, we played computer most of the day, but unlike normally when we do that, it wasn't so boring, mmmmmm, starcraft and Tropico.

He's a cool guy, you should talk to him more, today was fun.



Tony and Jake said...

stupid tropicans..I DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE UNHAPPY AND NEED FOOD! Taxes are the answer.


I had fun too!
and that mysterious juice is all gone now too haha

Priscilla? said...


sounds great!! Starcraft eh? fannccyyy

whats alfredo o_O

Tony and Jake said...

alfredo is basically white lasagna with the pasta and the like, this had some chicken in it too. It was pretty good :D