Wednesday, August 29, 2007


school started, and I can't stand it.

I thought i would be ready after 3 months of doing nothing, but going back to school turned out to be more painful that i thought it would be.

the 6 hours i have to spend on my school campus seemed to drag endlessly, It took so long that when i got home i was in panic to find something SUPER FUN to do before i have to go back tomorrow.

to add on to that my only homework happened to be 2 presentations that i have to make, even though they're small presentations, thats not how i would start out my school year.

I just hope this year I can do all my work. Even with the endlessly long ever-dragging hours.


Hi, Jake here.

I only have 1 (one) school class thus far, math, and it's algebra I (freshman). Normally that'd be fine, except I'm 16 and that's a year behind; meh. The rest of my classes should start soon enough in college though (2 more years until my AA degree, YEAH!), so if anyone asks about why I'm a in algebra one I can be honest and say I'm lazy.

The people is my class seem nice for the most part, there's some generic runescape player type "i are awesome cause my sense of humor is deranged" guys (to be expected), but nothing too bad. There's one guy that was kissing his girlfriend throughout like the whole thing, and he's really immature. The sad part is his girlfriend is really submissive and doesn't seem to notice she's dating Satan.

Anyways, have a nice week, and I hope school starts good for you!

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Priscilla? said...

To Tony,
I am still suffering from school. i can only dream of having a holiday that lasts 3mnths! and school can't be that bad xD

To Jake,
YAY!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!! ahahah, i love your sense of humour. i wishwishwish i went to the same school as you. my life would be so incredibly interesting then, no? Was praying for you all day and hoping you had a GREAT day. I'm glad it was at least okay xD.

Love you two and God Bless =D