Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh so many random things on my mind

So many many things on my mind
I wish I could make toys
I wish i could make robots
I wish i had super powers
I wish i could think of more wishes so i could fill up the page
I wish i could just CREATE THINGS, like i had some sort of hand crafting skill or hobby
I wish i wish i wish

but it's so hard to do these things though, It's not like some video game where you drag and drop supplies into a box and magically make something, its HARD, you know how hard it it is just to make and mold plastic? it's crazy, some guy suggested I'd be better off trying to win the lottery!

I won't even start on origami, it just makes me mad :/


1 comment:

Priscilla? said...

you can music

i'd give my eyes to make music like you do