Saturday, August 11, 2007

it's 1 in the morning.

I found an awesome song by Lily Allen, I found it on somebody's blog

it's called everybody's changing

the one thing that bugs me about this blog stuff, it's nice, this page is pretty, and organized, easy to post, awesome. But you can't make friends, you can't talk to other people unless you leave comments on their stuff, and how do you even know if they saw the comment? I guess it's not too much of a sharing place, like myspace is, but I'm tired of myspace. I'm tired of refreshing the page all day seeing who's online, sure it's great to know, but I end up making it a habit and I get mad because I can see when people don't respond to me.

It's awesome that I have my own chunk of internet to call my own, I think there's a lot of features on blogger that I just don't know about yet



Kat said...

I really like Lilly Allen. I know what you mean with the friends thing, too. It's quite a bit frustrating. =P

Steve said...

Good to see you moving out and calling more of the web your own. I know exactly what you mean with the whole lack of responses to blogging. Every time that I would write something on my old site that I really, really liked no one seemed to appreciate it as much as I wanted. Kind of sent me into a spiral of expectant depression.

I don't mean to be a downer though. I hope your site treats you well.

Another blogging site that [I think] rocks [a lot more than blogger] is WordPress. It offers free hosting on it's own site like Blogger here but it feels a lot slicker and is really extensible.

Great song too. I'll be reading here often.